I am a Proud Owner/Endorser of the Following

Ludwig Drums

LUDWIG DRUMS: Ludwig Classic Maple series drums with a Natural Satin finish. The sizes are: 7 X 10″ & 8 X 12″ Toms, 13 X 15″ & 16 X 18” Floor Toms, 14” X 20” Bass Drum and a 5 X 14″ Supraphonic Aluminum Shell Snare Drum.

LUDWIG HARDWARE: Ludwig Atlas Classic Hardware.

REMO DRUM HEADS: Remo Coated Vintage Emperor drumheads on the top of each Tom and Clear Ambassador batter heads on the bottoms, Coated Ambassador heads for the top of the snare drum and a Diplomat Snare Side head on the bottom. The bass drum has a Remo Coated Emperor batter head on the beater side and a Smooth White Emperor Resonant head for the front/logo head. I use Gibralter Bass Drum Muffle strips on both heads for dampening.

PAISTE CYMBALS: Paiste Formula 602 Traditional Series cymbals: 14″ Medium Hats, 16″ & 18″ Paper Thin Crashes, 20″ Thin Crash (this is my RIde), 20″ Flat Ride (w/ two rivets), 18″ PSTx Swiss Thin Crash and 8″ & 10″ Signature Dark Energy, Dark Energy Splashes Mark 1.

INNOVATIVE PERCUSSION STICKS: Innovative Percussion Legacy Series Maple Wood 7A drumsticks.

Ludwig Drums

This is my Ludwig Classic Maple “Jazz” kit which have a 7 Ply all Maple shells with 45 degree bearing edges. The finish is Satin Natural Maple Oil. The sizes are as follow: 8 X 12″ Tom Tom, 14 X 14″ Floor Tom and a 14 X 18″ Bass Drum. The heads are Remo Diplomat FiberSkyn 3 heads for the top and bottom of the Toms. The Bass Drum uses a Remo Diplomat FiberSkyn 3 for the batter head and a smooth white white Medium Heavy Ludwig Logo head for the front/resonant head. Muffling is done with one felt strips on the batter head only.

For the Toms and Bass Drum tuning, the top and bottom heads are tuned to the same pitch. This achieves a clear pitch with a crisp, yet resonant and round sound. Very musical sounding 🙂

The Snare Drum is a Ludwig 402 with a 6.5 X 14″ Hammered Brass Shell with a Remo Diplomat FiberSkyn 3 batter head on top and a Diplomat Snare Side head on the bottom.

I am using Ludwig Classic Hardware, Paiste Masters series and Traditional series cymbals, Innovative Percussion Legacy Maple 7A drumsticks, WBR-2 Brushes and Ahead Cases to safely transport everything. I also transport my drums on a Groove Gear Hand Truck.

Thank you to Ben Goldberg and Uli Salazar at Ludwig and Michael Cotta at American Music for your excellent help with my new Ludwig Drumsets

Paiste Cymbals

I play a combination of Paiste Cymbals.

Formula 602 Classic Sounds cymbals:

14″ Medium Hi Hats

16″, 18″, 20″ Thin Crash

16″, 18″ Paperthin Crash

20” Flat Ride w/ two Rivets

Formula 602 Modern Essentials cymbal:

8”, 10”  Splash

18″  China

Masters Series:

14” Dark Hi Hats

16”, 18”, 20” Dark Crash

Masters Series cymbals:

14”  Thin Hi Hats

20”, 22”  Thin

22” Swish w/ two Rivets

Signature Traditional cymbals:

14″ Medium Light Hi Hats

20″, 22″ Light Ride

Signature Precision cymbals:

10″ Splash

Signature Dark Energy cymbals:

8”, 10″ Dark Energy Splash Mark 1

Remo Drum Heads

For my “Studio” kit, I use Remo Clear Vintage Emperor drumheads on the top of each Tom and Clear Ambassador heads on the bottom, a PowerStroke 3 Controlled Sound head on the the batter side of bass drum and a Remo Ebony PowerStroke 3 Ludwig logo head on the the front and no internal muffling. The snare drums feature Remo Coated Ambassador and Controlled sound Coated Ambassador heads on top and Clear Ambassador heads on the bottoms.

For my “Jazz” Kit, I use Remo FiberSkyn 3 Diplomat heads for on the top and bottom of each Tom and on the the batter side of bass drum, a Ludwig head on the front with Gibraltar Muffle strips on each head. The snare drum features a Remo FIberSkyn 3 Diplomat head on top and a Clear Diplomat Snare head on the bottom.

Thank you Bruce Jacoby for all your assistance with my drumheads!

LP Percussion


I use the following LP Cowbells: Mambo, Salsa, Bongo mounted on the bass drum or the Black Beauty cowbell mounted to a bass drum pedal to the left of my hi-h for left foot Clave. I also use an, LP Hand Hammered, Brass Jingles Tambourine.

Thanks to Memo Acevedo for his assistance with my LP Cowbells and Tambourine!

Innovative Percussion Sticks and More

I use the 7A Maple Wood Legacy Series Wood Tip model Drumstick for: combo Jazz, Big Band Jazz and some Latin Jazz music.

I use the 5A Maple Wood Legacy Series Wood Tip model Drumstick for: Rock, Funk, R&B, Hi-Hop, Fusion and some World Beat styles.

I also use the Wood Handle Synthetic Bundle Rods BR-5W, Slim Boom Bundle Rods BMZ-1 and the Bundle Light Bamboo Rods BZW-1.

Thanks to Erik Johnson and Rich Mangicaro at Innovative Percussion for handling my particulars with sticks and more! 

Ahead Armor Bags

I use Ahead Armor Drum Bags, Ahead Armor Deluxe Cymbal Bags, Ahead Armor Ogio Hardware Sled and Ahead Practice Pads and Stands.

Thank you to Ben Goldberg for handling my drum case needs!