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Garey Williams is available for performances and recordings in the greater Seattle area. He is sought after for his sensitivity, creativity, virtuoso technical abilities, sight reading skills, and his ability to play what is tasteful and appropriate in any and every musical setting. From small groups to big bands, Rock, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, World to Fusion music, and virtually any hybrid style of music, Garey Williams brings his many years of expertise and vast musical experience to your musical event. Performing and/or recording, Garey delivers the same passionate and musical performance at every event. You might say that, Garey brings it all!

Garey Williams, Live drum track on SoundBetter
“Garey is the most sensitive, intuitive drummer I know. He plays not only what I want to hear, but he adds an artistry beyond what I could ask or imagine. To steal an idea from the movie, “Show Me The Money” – Garey completes me.”  Bruce Babad Los Angeles, CA – Freelance Woodwind Artist Bill Holman Band, Les Hooper Band, Cannonball/Coltrane Project, Bruce Babad Quartet

“I’ve been privileged to have worked with Garey Williams on several album projects over the course of 8 years and always look forward to what he brings to the table. Not only is he great at interpreting any style I throw at him, he’s a master of precise technique yet never overplays. Additionally, he always comes fully prepared and typically gets everything cut in just two takes. In fact it’s often difficult to select the best take since each one has great moments. Garey is one of the most professional musicians I’ve ever worked with.” Rande Reed Independent composer/arranger/musician

“Garey Williams is a consummate professional who brings a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm to the drum set. His artistic approach, combined with his flawless technique, have made him a very much sought after musician in the Pacific Northwest. I have worked with Garey both as a musician and as an audio engineer for over 30 years and you will find no one better for recording drums in the studio. His meticulous attention to his drums, his sound, his cymbals and his approach make him an extremely versatile drummer in a recording environment. In addition to his playing, Garey is great at preparing his parts in advance so that he can help the artist achieve their musical endeavors. Clients often comment to me how they really enjoy his positive attitude. Simply put, Garey is a bad ass drummer. When you need the job done right the first time, you call Garey!” Wayne Bliss Blissman Studios Tacoma,WA


Record Artist Year
Roll on like the Tide Rande Reed 2018
Surf’s Up The Downbeats 2017
Greatest Hits Bobby Dancer and the Downbeats 2017
The Wheel’s Are Turning Full Circle Jazz Ensemble 2017
Unnecessary Dissonance Groove for Thought 2014
Gimme Some Sugar, Baby Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra 2014
TechNoir Ecstasy in Numbers 2012
For You John Moawad All Star Big Band 2011
Heavenbound Pete Kull 2010
Minor Returns Jeff Snedeker 2011
Across the Years Leo Brodie 2011
The Sands of Time Rande Reed 2007
I know Nothing Dean Schmidt 2007
Buttons and Freedom II Ravenwolf 2007
Beautiful Love Carol Lucas 2006
Sand of Time Rande Reed 2005
The Waiting Rhonda Funk 2003
The Search Ecastasy in Numbers 2002
Rain Reign Greta Utigard 2002
Head Eluzia 2002
What a Friend Pete Kull 2001
Search Marrianne Carollo 2001
Shimmer and Fade Back to One 2001
Letting Go Matt Franklin 2001
Just Dan Walker 2000
Cache Kitty Dakota 2000
Precious Gift Robert VonFeldt 1999
The Dream Randy Parris 1999
A Dream And A Prayer Kim Walling 1999
Spellbound Ecstasy in Numbers 1998
Slow Down Dewitt & Kim Jones 1997
Workin’ Hard Full Ride 1996

Recordings That Feature Garey