“Garey Williams displays a beautiful touch and emotion in his drumming. He performs with a strong technique and a keen sense of what to play in a studio situation to achieve the correct balance within a jazz/rock trio setting. His drums sound fat, wet, and well recorded. His cymbal work is very expressive…possesses noteworthy chops…” Also: There is not a standout track on the CD (Ecstasy In Numbers, Spellbound), They are ALL outstanding.”

Modern Drummer

“Garey Williams plays with an attentive spark, much the way Chad Wackerman did with Allan Holdsworth.”

Rhythm Magazine

“Williams sounds like a combination of Vinnie Colaiuta and Peter Erskine through his careful attention to the orchestration of each section of the tune (Ecstasy In Numbers, The Search). His relaxed, flowing style suits the music, yet he is always pushing the other players to new heights.”

Percussive Notes

“It’s great to experience your great talent. Your technique is terrific. You’re extraordinary. Really, really absolutely terrific…your playing is sensational.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJVKRriCsLA

Jim Chapin

“You sound great in a trio. Congrats!”

John Riley

“I think you gave a really good clinic and got your your points across real well. Most of all…your playing is wonderful and I was really digging it!!”  

Gregg Bissonette

“I’ve listened to a lot of drummers and you have something few drummers have. You hear the subtleties in music (The Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, Gimme Some Sugar Baby!). You sound great!”

Jeff Hamilton

“There is an organic and transparent groove occurring between Schmidt ad Garey Williams…It’s easy to have the sense that Dean has created the perfect rhythmic reality (Dean Schmidt, I Know Nothing).”

Cynthia Mullis OA2 Records 

“I don’t know any drummer in town that set’s things up for the group like you do. It’s beautiful.”

Bob Hammer  

“G, finally got to listen to that CD you gave me at NAMM (The Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, Give Me some Sugar, Baby!) and you sound fantastic. Very musical playing! Nice work.”

Joe Bergamini  

“The man can play and teach!!”

Jim Sisko, Director of Jazz Studies, Bellevue Community College.

“I listened to the CD. I am very impressed with everything! You’re playing was first class – creative, musical and inspired. This is ‘Art’… and this is a wonderful contribution to the music industry. It sets a high standard and a clear vision of what to strive for!” 

Dom Famularo

“I receive dozens of CDs from around the world and this is one of the best debut CDs (Ecstasy In Numbers, The Search) I’ve ever heard.”

Nick Morrison

“I have had the great fortune of working with Garey Williams for many years in the Seattle area.  Garey is a founding member of the Full Circle Jazz Ensemble.  Garey drives the band with fine musicality from the trap set.  He brings his unique sparkle to the band with his dynamic grooves and richly accurate ensemble playing.  Whether it’s Latin, Funk or Swing styles, Garey uplifts the music with power and grace. Bob Hammer pianist and arranger with FCJE, who once toured with Gene Krupa and wrote for Elvin Jones’ Dear John recording (among countless other performance and arranging work over his 65 year career) calls Garey his favorite drummer in the Northwest!  I agree completely agree with Bob.”

Nathaniel P Schleimer

“Garey is the most sensitive, intuitive drummer I know.  He plays not only what I want to hear, but he adds an artistry beyond what I could ask or imagine.  To steal an idea from the movie, “Show Me The Money” – Garey completes me.”

– Bruce Babad Los Angeles, CA – Freelance Woodwind Artist Bill Holman Band, Les Hooper Band, Cannonball/Coltrane Project, Bruce Babad Quartet

“The more I had gotten to know Garey the more I realized that he had figured out how to play every land mark recorded drum performance!  He is very well informed and up to date. What did Weckle play there? Ask Garey.  Vinnie? No problem, covered! Omar Hakeem?…Nailed! … Elivin? Oh ya! … But, what is more astounding is with all this fire power to play these contemporary, virtuosic grooves, and they DO groove, he plays with amazing restraint and integrity, especially in a jazz trio or big band setting. The tone and atmosphere he creates is respectfully aware of the ensemble while locking down a feel with viscosity, flow, intensity and musicality.”

Scott Ketron

“Garey has fantastic musical instincts on the bandstand and in the studio. As a composer/arranger I generally give drummers a musical map of the tune and hope that they bring their own complementary ideas. Garey uses his ears, eyes, and refined musical sensibility to add just the right nuance.”

Daniel Barry, Ph.D. Composer/Arranger

“Garey is a fantastic drummer who is passionate about his playing and his teaching.  His methods have proved to be very effective for my drummers and percussionists over the years.  The new book is outstanding and should be part of every band director’s library!”

Paul Harshman

“Garey is a rhythm master. Playing with him is a blast!”

Chuck Kistler

“Garey understands how a big band works, grooves, and he really knows how to swing! He’s an absolute professional in every aspect, and a pleasure to work with.”

Jim Cutler

“Gary is a drummer with impeccable time, chops, feel and funkiness. He  embodies the definition professional drumming.”

Eric Verlinde

“Garey constantly displays a wide range of emotions and musical sensitivity in his drumming. He’s in high demand as a musician and educator due, in large part, to his exciting abilities and professionalism. Best of all he’s a snappy dresser and a great guy!”

Bobby Medina

“No matter what style of music Garey has always been the one to call when you need the perfect drum part done quickly and efficiently with impeccable time and feel. Speaking from a bass players perspective the lock with the drummer is very important ,Garey makes it soooo easy”

Dean Schmidt

“Garey you sound great. You’re obviously a very experienced player and teacher. You played a nice cross-section of styles, your time was solid, nice playing and you sound great man! Keep up the good work!!

Dave Weckl